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Wound & Vein Advanced Clinic

Wound & Vein is an advanced clinic and part of the prestigious Modi Healthcare Group with Kapadia multispecialty hospital. With over 35 years of expertise, the award winning clinic is one of best clinics for diabetic foot care, diabetic non-healing wounds and varicose veins treatment.

It is equipped for the treatment of diabetic wounds and varicose veins with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) offering several modalities of treatment under one roof with podiatry, ozone therapy and complete team of consultants.

The hospital has successfully treated over 5000 patients suffering with severe conditions of varicose veins and complications in lower limb non-healing wounds due to diabetes.


Our Mission

To bring hope to the patients through high quality comprehensive care with compassion, & innovative medical excellence.


Our Visions

To provide inclusive and progressive diagnostic & medical services delivering excellence for all, now and generation to come.

Our Experts and Team

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What Patient Says
Sharda Naidu
Sharda Naidu

My mother took HBOT treatment for her gastro wounds.It has really helped her healing up to 50%.It really helps and the people in the clinic are very cooperative. Thanks Wounds n Veins.

Dr.Rachana Kamble
Dr.Rachana Kamble

Dr Anushree is one of the best diabetologist I have ever met, a great guide. She has a very good knowledge. Visits multiple clinics in Mumbai. Very approachable. Highly recommended!!

Stephen Dsouza
Stephen Dsouza

I appreciate very much the treatment meted out on the ulcer of my left foot. The ulcer is not completely healed, but I am pretty sure with the care and attention I receive it soon will be. Please continue the good work of healing

Arpit Kabra
Arpit Kabra

I am happy and grateful with the operative care given at Kapadia hospital, in line treatment at Wound & Vein Clinic under Dr. Rajan Modi and post operative sitting at Physio-Diagno lounge under Dr. Neeta Modi. The staff is friendly, energetic and supportive. The ambience is pleasant and has a positive atmosphere. I would definitely recommend the services offered at Wound & Vein Advanced Clinic, Kapadia hospital & Physio-Diagno Lounge.

Atharv paranjpe
Atharv paranjpe

I would strongly recommend Dr. Rajan Modi for treatment of Varicose Veins. His treatment is helping my mother to recover fast and with least complications. The hygiene is also at top level at this clinic so you can just visit the clinic without any fear of getting infected.