Varicose Veins Range of Severity Highlights Importance of Seeking Professional Advice Regarding Solutions, says Dr Modi

A March 16 article on Allure reports on the different ways to treat varicose veins, which is a condition where veins become enlarged or swollen due to issues with blood circulation. The article discusses common minimally invasive treatments that are available, such as sclerotherapy or laser.

Wound & Vein, a healthcare group based in Mumbai, says that while varicose veins may only be a cosmetic issue for some individuals – and that’s problem enough – it may also cause physical discomfort for others. With today’s resources and advances in medical technology, Dr Modi comments that there’s no reason for individuals struggling with varicose veins to remain in pain and/or embarrassment as there are a variety of treatment options available.

Dr Modi says that the simplest method for varicose veins is through the use of compression stockings, which are intended to improve the circulation of blood flow by adding pressure to the veins. With improved circulation, the sometimes painful condition may improve without any further treatment but the cosmetic benefit may be somewhat variable. The Indian Health medical group notes that this home treatment is often useful for individuals with minor cases though, or it can at least serve as a temporary solution that may slow down the progression of the issue before medical treatment is sought. While this is an easy home remedy, the clinic notes that this treatment leaves enlarged veins intact.

Mr Modi says that a more effective and preferred treatment for varicose vein treatment is by targeting veins via endovenous laser treatment (EVLT). This method involves inserting a small laser fiber into the problem vein with ultrasound and allowing the laser to close the vein through the generated heat. The healthcare group notes that this technique only requires a local anesthetic and can be done in one of its offices. The office notes that the EVLT is very minimally invasive, which means less downtime needed for recovery and quicker healing.

The health group notes that because there are different kinds of varicose veins, each varying in severity, it recommends individuals who are seeking out treatment options consult with a physician for the best solution for their situation. Each individual’s case is unique, and a doctor will be able to determine which varicose vein treatment will be the most effective for each patient’s particular circumstance.

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