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Podiatrists are doctors who specialise in problems with the feet and lower legs. They can aid in the treatment of injuries as well as the effects of chronic conditions such as diabetes. A podiatrist or a doctor of podiatric medicine are terms that may be used to describe them. Surgery, resetting shattered bones, administering medications, and ordering lab tests and X-rays are all things that podiatrists can accomplish. They typically work with other professionals when a problem with your feet or lower legs emerges. So, if you are trying to find the "best podiatrist near me?" for a long time, your search ends at Wound & Vein Clinic, Mumbai, as you can book your consultation with the Best doctor for Foot and Ankle now!

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Role of Podiatrist

If you experience any discomfort or injury in your foot, visit a Podiatrist in Wound & Vein, Mumbai to determine the cause. Our doctors may recommend a blood test, a nail swab, an ultrasound, an X-ray, or an MRI scan as part of the diagnostic process. Here are some of the reasons you might need to contact Foot and Ankle Specialist in Mumbai:
  • 01. Fractures and sprains –These common ailments to the foot and ankle are treated by our Mumbai Foot Specialist Doctor on a daily basis. They also work in sports medicine, treating and advising athletes on how to avoid foot injuries.
  • 02. Bunions and hammertoes –When the joint at the base of your big toe enlarges or becomes misaligned, it becomes a bunion. Here, the toe twists toward the other side of the toe. Whereas, a non-arched toe is known as a hammertoe.
  • 03. Nail disorders –An infection in your nail caused by a fungus or an ingrown toenail are examples of nail diseases. Whether a no straight corner growing nail or bacteria-filled nail, our podiatrist will treat the condition effectively.
  • 04. Diabetes –Diabetes is a condition in which your body does not create enough insulin or does not utilise it properly. Insulin is a hormone that aids in the metabolism of sugar. The nerves in your feet and legs can be damaged by diabetes, and you may not be able to get enough blood to them, leading to serious complications or even amputation. Our Mumbai's Best Podiatrist can help you avoid this.
  • 05. Arthritis – Itis a condition that occurs when your joints become inflamed, swollen, or worn out. Physical therapy, medications, or special shoes or inserts may be recommended by our Ankle Pain Doctors in Mumbai to aid with your arthritis. If several treatments fail to help, surgery may be an option.
  • 06. Growing pains –Our Best Podiatrist in Mumbai may be able to help if your feet point inward or appear flat, or if your toes don't line up properly. Exercises, insoles, or braces may be suggested. Alternatively, they may advise surgery.
  • 07. Heel pain –Heel spurs, a calcium deposit on the bottom of the heel bone, are one of the most common causes of heel pain. They can be caused by running, wearing the wrong size shoes, or obesity. Thus, pain medications, as well as shoe inserts known as orthotics, are routinely employed. In some circumstances, Foot and Ankle Surgery is required.
  • 08. Intermetatarsal neuroma – Nerve disorders between your third and fourth toe bones can produce pain, burning, and the sensation that something is stuck in your shoe. Runners are generally affected. It's made worse by non-fitting shoe size and supination. Our Podiatrist in Mumbai can provide you with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving shots, as well as suggest you a surgical procedure.
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When To See A Podiatrist

Foot pain might worsen if your joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons do not balance your weight when you stand, walk or run. This can cause certain damages and disorders in your feet. However, for comprehensive care, you can always visit foot specialists from Wound & Vein Podiatry Foot Clinic Mumbai.

If you suffer any of these symptoms for more than one or two days, get immediate medical attention from a Foot Specialist in Mumbai:

  • Excruciating discomfort
  • Swelling
  • Tingling or numbness
  • An open wound or sore
  • Yeast infection (redness, warmth, tenderness, or a fever)

If you are unable to walk or put weight on your foot, contact Wound & Vein, Podiatry Foot Clinic Mumbai, for a Foot Specialist in Mumbai.

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