Her vision is to provide optimum patient care at reasonable rates to her patients and carry forward the tremendous goodwill earned by Kapadia Multispeciality Hospital in recent years and move to newer heights.

Dr. Neeta Modi
M.B.B.S, DA (Anesthesia)

Ozone Therapy Expert - Dr Neeta Modi primarily handles the Anesthesia Wing & policy decision for the Hospital

The prime for Kapadia Multispeciality Hospital ascent to greater heights is the dynamic leadership of Neeta Modi.Leading from the fronts this charismatic Medical Director has successfully steered the company towards new frontiers. Regarded as a trendsetter this young entered into health care Units at the age of 40 and never looked back.

Dr Neeta Modi, MBBS, DA (Anesthesia) is a well-known personality in the city of Mumbai. Women of high integrity and dedication to her profession, Dr Neeta Modi has not only excelled in her profession, but has also been active in the service of the society. Her inbuilt passion & desire her to excel inspired her to be entrepreneur at a very young age. Her vision & mission have always inspiring & motivating all those who are associated with her to give in their best .Her positively, leadership skills marketing & selling ability, hard work & dedication are a few qualities responsible for all her successful business ventures.

Having started a company with a small rental place & basic Medical services she has developed it into one of the best center in Goregaon.

As a matter of pride she along with Dr Rajan Modi (surgeon), Started this center in Goregaon but has been instrumental in expanding this center which is now boosting of 35 Beded exclusive Laparoscopic Care, Women care, Cancer care, Tertiary care OT setup and 6 Beds of intensive care unit.

She Firmly Believes

“The Secret Of Life Is Make Stepping Stones Out Of Stumbling Blocks’

And Hence

If My Mind Can Conceive It and My Heart Can Believe It Know I Can Achieve It”