Dr Shrikant Bodke
MBBS, DMRE, FMF Consultant Radiologist and Fetal Medicine Specialist

Fellowship in Dopplers and Musculoskeletal ultrasound. Special interest in Fetal anomaly scan, NT scans and Fetal echocardiography. Expertise in Digital Mammography. Reported more than 12000 Mammography till date.


Physiotherapy plays an important role in treating and managing conditions Diabetic neuropathy, non-healing diabetic ulcers, corns and callous formations, varicose veins.

Patients suffering from these problems may face balance deficits, loss of sensations in legs and feet, lack of stamina, loss of strength and generalised mobility in legs and feet. These deficits affect general routine activities and quality of life.

Physiotherapy helps to improve the overall health of patients with these problems as follows:

1. Diabetic foot ulcers/ neuropathy - PT combines variety of approaches such as somatosensory reeducation, generalised flexibility and mobility, strength and endurance training, balance and proprioception training, activity modification, footwear modification

2. Varicose veins - Physiotherapists use strength and endurance training, general flexibility training, activity modification, work station modification to tackle with varicose veins.